Monday, May 19, 2008 details on their tools and customer service

This morning, I was spending my time looking for web hosting and I got this
Previously, it was recommended also to me by Wilson Miner (one of Django Framework's developer).

Well definitely, as a programmer, you would be glad to know others suggestions or recommendations
whom you might have to think as a guru or expert in some other fields that you would like to be.

I did send a message to, and I say wow to their fast reply. They have a good customer
service and good technical staff, if you might be getting some of the topics on their forum.

Here's what I've got from them...

Hi Paul,

> Hi WebFaction,
> I would like to know the versions of tools you have in the server for
a shared hosting plan.
> - PHP (if it's php 5 or lower, and what version is it 5.2? 5.3?)

> - Apache

> - Python
v2.5.1, v2.4.3

> - Mysql

> - Ruby

> I wanted also to know if WebFaction runs the PHP as a CGI in Apache
or if it runs PHP as a module. Or is it possible to make these both
running or perhaps if not, possible to change like from PHP on apache
module to PHP on CGI or vice versa.

PHP runs as a module on our main Apache instance. If you need some
other configuration, you could compile, configure, and run your own Apache
from your home directory.

> I'm hoping for you reply because I love to avail on your hosting but
I need first the assurances I wanna have!

Thanks for considering WebFaction for your hosting needs :)


Sean Fulmer

Well, seems like they are a type of hosting that is running for Web 2.0 standards. Great to have them!
The are ultimately gaining up their popularity in the web hosting business.