Friday, October 30, 2009

Cloud Computing - What is it?

"Soon thereafter, everything we are using will stay in the cloud!"

Well, what does really "Cloud Computing" means? has a pretty decent explanation about cloud computing on how this operates between the user and within the Internet. Cloud means, the Internet. Conceptually, Cloud Computing is designed to make abstracted behind the users of the software, where no need for in-depth knowledge of some specific software. Actually, Cloud Computing will be far more adapted
for so many years.

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Well, why should I say that? Well, as we all know, globally, we are down with such crisis. Financially really hit many countries down, specially the United States of America (well, thanks God, this happens because alternatives are arising!). Cloud computing doesn't want you to buy or pay every applications you use. It does only counts every time you use your applications, basing on how much have you used or scaling your statistics of usage with the applications you have utilized, by either personal, business, or some social networking. It's actually ideal and of course, economical.

I would say, Cloud Computing has a vast idea behind other known computing development technology, such as Grid Computing and Utility Computing.

And what are those things might we consider as disadvantages of this?
Well, this is really tough for us, like Software Engineers. Since users behind the cloud computing, it's predictable that it's rapid
growth of traffic, and of course subscription, might deliver from pain-in-the-ass sticking in our neck. Well, it's very tough, of course, to handle such a massive amount of networks, but if a good or perfect algorithm has been appropriately applied and involved as a practice, as well as smart people are living in, well, this can be just a plain documentation.

Cloud computing is much known for running virtualization which is, typically a perfect tool because, cloud computing involves cost-cutting, of course! What's the benefit of this approach, if we don't think of a much better solution, isn't it?

As of today, various companies are really developing on these stuffs. IBM has their Autonomic Computing, which heals by itself, fix itself, and it does also optimization being transparent to the user. I actually love how their algorithm behind it's philosophies are applied. It follows actually how our motor neurons work. Sounds interesting? Well have a visit on their page

With all these stuffs, I'm so happy that these various technologies, including Cloud Computing is emerging. It phases our knowledge, mind, and impossibilities to possibilities where people can think of various alternatives for a better live, in virtual world.

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