Sunday, October 25, 2009

Geocities Marks it's Goodbye on October 26, 2009

It's the mark of the end from the starter back on the early years of Yahoo. Founded by David Bohnett and John Rezner, the company is shutting down it's service effective this October 26, 2009. Maybe later, my time here is GMT +8:00.

Geocities have been a massive users using it's service. It's actually cool back then, some of it's competitors like Angelfire which was also ceased it's opertion in 2002.

One of the things they realize with Geocities is that it's free, it's famous, but they aren't much making money with their free-base service. Yahoo is encouraging it's users to upgrade on it's fee-base service, but who the hell wants to try? I'll choose anyway Googlepages, it's free anyway and it's really cool though.

Still, it would be great if Geocities would still have the archives because there are lots of pages created and was stored in their service.

Yahoo has been reported for cost-cutting and instead, focus more on customer relationship in some other areas they focus. Well, let's take it that Google is really dominating against them. Yahoo focus much more on entertainment, and marketing of their products but less technology compared with Google.

I grab some images from Yahoo showing their service will be totally of effective on October 26, 2009 and it's a goodbye.


I was really an avid user of Geocities, and now it's just a history and will be a great memory in the Internet. It's one of the greatest tools or service I have used back on the early days of Yahoo's supremacy in the Internet.

Well, I guess this is what would happen if a service would be lacking such consideration in it's future aspect. 15 years of service is huge to me and a waste if shutting down in the line of many years grabbing millions of users.

For those not much familiar with Yahoo! Geocities, checkout on Wikipedia. They have much detailed information for perusal anyway.

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