Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prosperity - List of Countries in 2009

In reference from the site of, please see the image posted below for the list of country rankings for Prosperity in 2009.

As far as I've read their downloadable PDF file , Legatum are basing their surveys from an objective data and subjective responses. These involve the status quo of every country in its stance.

Prosperity embodies health, personal freedom, wealth or financial security, good fortune, as well as environmental living, success, and flourishing. My country, Philippines, is enlisted in the rank 55th position.

I'm just curious why USA is enlisted at the 9th position. I thought, the USA are much bogged with the global financial crisis, but well, President Barack Obama did aleviate its prosperity back astir.

I've read the article from Yahoo, seemingly agreeing it's position. The country has it's economic boom, but their government and politics are too tight for me, to think of, when it comes to personal freedom.

One thing I might, in my opinion, have to be consider of, are countries tradition and the language. There are languages that are hard to learn, albeit English language is mostly used, but there are among the countries doesn't talk English. Filipinos are good though, and we have long lands too that I consider a paradise and as well, the "Prosperity" in its existence. I'm proud anyway Philippines is not too deep in the list.

Well, it is how we, humans, do create prosperity and so retain also the prosperity by our own nature and own values.

How about you? Do you have prosperity in life now?



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