Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy 5th Year Firefox! Would It Still Be The Best Browser In The Future?

Glad to hear and celebrate a prospering success of an open source browser, Firefox, in 5 years in a row beating the Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Firefox was release on November 9, 2004 written by the Mozilla geeks which I would say, runs in a cross-platform (M$ Window$, Mac OS X, Linux/Unix) just like Sun Microsystem's Java programming language results in "software that is portable across multiple machine architectures, operating systems, and graphical user interfaces, secure, and high performance".

Due to Firefox innovative technology in the browser arena, many of the browsers that are up-to-date being innovative, and does alleviate its flaws to something more reliable User Experience, obviously, Internet Explorer 8 (I feel being cynical).

Firefox still my best choice, not to mention the fast pacing Google's Chrome browser, compared to other browsers. Safari does a good job specially loading a heavy AJAX application.

So what makes Firefox be my best choice and be my best browser of all? Well, Firefox is extensible and does has lots of add-on's, just like your favorite Youtube downloader :D. It's very helpful for a developer, it has lots of promises that can offer and bring forth to me as a user or a developer. You can check also for Firefox's "new device API for Firefox 3.6: orientation".

However, it seems that Google's Chrome is going more far from its infancy and they are really doing a pretty good job, specially on their development for Chrome OS and their Google Wave. Google focuses much more on desktop applications that is optimized for data exchange and software in the cloud. I found it more innovative in their focus on making OS in the cloud, whereas Firefox is on the user-level but extensible on making it just like Chrome.

Chrome is much better on loading AJAX requests load than Firefox. Mostly I got hangs or browser crash which I think it's because of too much add-on's I installed or there's really an underlying bug in Firefox (though I experience this in my Slack).

Well, still, Firefox is my best friend! I have firebug, I have web developer tools, I have a validator for my XHTML/CSS tags (Total Validator or HTML Validator, I have Live HTTP headers, Web Mail Notifier, Answer.com's very helpful add-on, and as well, I can transfer through FTP using FireFTP and install FireFTP if my privileges are stricted for any installation, like Filezilla FTP.

I might rather say that, Firefox still has success in the user-level and deemed to be most usable browser as an alternative to Internet Explorer. However, Google might be enthroned if Firefox cannot take the advantage of it's massive users to take thrive more on it's development tools (XUL), extensibility, and its innovative philosophy. We know Google is really kicking asses because of their cool technologies developed, and made it open source as well, which worries the Firefox community.

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Enjoy reading!!! =)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Changing the Keyword Location Search Engine For Firefox

If you might notice, installing Yahoo toolbars might override the settings in your Mozilla Firefox browser. I am not quite fan of Yahoo's search algorithm, as it seems quite naive to me, and I need to change the search engine using Google.

To change it, just type (see image below):

on the location toolbar of your Mozilla Firefox browser. Then search for

then double click it or right click, and select Modify and paste this

Try typing keywords on your location bar and hit enter, you will be redirected to a particular site, or else the Google's default search page.

Happy Googling!!! ;-)

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