Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mounting A Shared Folder from Mac OS X running samba to Linux

By executing the code below:

mount -t cifs -o uid=1001,gid=100,username=boboyshariff //mymacosxnetbiosname/www ws_mac/www/

-t = cifs is the filing system rather than smbfs where CIFS stands for Common Internet File System (CIFS) is a protocol that lets programs make requests for files and services on remote computers on the Internet. When trying to use smbfs, you will be prompted by a kernel warning saying "smbfs is deprecated and will be removed from the 2.6.27 kernel. Please migrate to cifs"

-o = if you specify some options specially when dealing with file permission and ownership or account credentials on accessing the smb server remotely. uid is what user id is to be used when it's shared to your linux local, gid where the group id to be used for the directory permission and username is the username from remote server running samba. Note that password will be prompted afterwards which is pretty secure.

Note also that mymacosxnetbiosname can be an ip or a domain name.

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