Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SVN: How-to view modified files being commited to central repository

In order to view base on the revision number, just use the 'svnlook' tool to achieve this.

Say for example:
svnlook changed -r 23 /opt/repo

Where /opt/repo is the central repository. svnlook will look for the 'REPO_PATH/format' file, so just check if that file exist so that you can assure it that it is the right path for your repository.

Hope this helps.

Quickest way to create a table in Oracle

I found this very easy and quick to create a table, though sort of copy a table to another table.

The syntax is:

create table table_to_create as select * from source_table where 1=0

Hope you find this a little bit of help.

Use Shell Editor for Eclipse for editing bash, ksh, csh in Unix/Linux system

I found ShellEd when googling for any shell editor. It was trouble at first because there's no  how-to that directs me, where I expect to have a direct link that I can copy-en-paste to my Eclipse for installation.

So what I did, I download ShellEd (as of this writing file version from and install, as required, the Linux Tools. After installing Linux Tools, I then locate thru archive the ShellEd zip file and install it successfully. It works good and I feel satisfied with this cool tool to be embedded in eclipse.

The sample attached shell script is from JBoss twiddle. It does supports syntax highlighting, intellisense which is cool. Hope this helps.

Discrimanator annotation in Hibernate

Just a note I don't want to forget, @Discriminator annotation for Hibernate, is that, it's idea is base on the enum type in database or perhaps just a type discriminator for a record on how to identify it. It's powerful, and is a helpful feature of hibernate.