Thursday, January 6, 2011

CVS: View History via terminal or CLI

I'm not really an expert with CVS, and unlike other VCS, running it's history would be easier, so I document this stuff which I'm forgetful when doing a history on CVS.


$> cvs history

and encountered the error below,

cvs history: Unknown method (`extssh') in CVSROOT.
cvs history: in directory .:
cvs history: ignoring CVS/Root because it does not contain a valid root.
cvs history: No CVSROOT specified!  Please use the `-d' option
cvs [history aborted]: or set the CVSROOT environment variable.

So what I did, I use the -d option and achieve the below result,

cvs -d :ext:username@hostname:/path/cvs/project history -e

so the -e will do everything involve in its CVS history reports with all record types.

Hope this helps.

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