Friday, October 21, 2011

Using Oracle 11g thru VirtualBox appliance in Mac OS X Lion

I just found that its quite a lot of handy work to make Oracle work in Mac OS X Lion.

Currently, I have this quite cool machine with good memory anyway, so I decided to step the easy way, than the "too-much-time-to-work way".

So, I just decided to use VirtualBox with Oracle's pre-built virtual appliance with Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition.

To use this, I use the steps below.

3. I added some specific ports, since I access it thru  NAT so whenever I am, it's easier for me just to hook up my virtual appliance and turn it on.

So you can issue these command in your terminal,

$> VBoxManage modifyvm "OTN Developer Days" --natpf1 "ssh,tcp,,2222,,22"
$> VBoxManage modifyvm "OTN Developer Days" --natpf1 "oracle,tcp,,8282,,8282"
$> VBoxManage modifyvm "OTN Developer Days" --natpf1 "oracle 2,tcp,,1521,,1521"
$> VBoxManage modifyvm "OTN Developer Days" --natpf1 "oracle em,tcp,,1158,,1158"

FYI: I use VirtualBox 4.1.4

The result screenshot above are the ports I have forwarded from my Guest VM Appliacne to my Host machine.

Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

thnx alot, it saved my time, I tried configuring oracle on mac but failed,


Anonymous said...

I am new to oracle and trying to install oracle db for beginner's practice on my MB with os X Lion. Will your method allow me to work with oracle 11 g .

Robert Wells said...

Thanks for your posting. I installed it, logged into Linux as oracle/oracle, and did oracle start. I started SQL Developer and tried connecting to localhost:1521 with SID=orcl, and user/password = oracle/oracle, and it says I have a bad user name or password. Other SID values like the default of "xe" result in a different error, that there is no listener.

What oracle DB user name and password can I use to get onto the database as administrator so I can create additional users and so forth? I was expecting it to be oracle/oracle...

By the way, the name of the VM is now "Oracle Developer Days" rather than the "OCN Developer Days" shown in your commands for setting up NAT port mapping. Also the network adapters are all disabled initially. After I enabled Adapter 1 for NAT and looked at the advanced settings and Port Mapping, I could see the mappings configured by the commands you recommended.

Anonymous said...

user: SYSTEM
password: oracle