Friday, October 21, 2011

Using Oracle 11g thru VirtualBox appliance in Mac OS X Lion

I just found that its quite a lot of handy work to make Oracle work in Mac OS X Lion.

Currently, I have this quite cool machine with good memory anyway, so I decided to step the easy way, than the "too-much-time-to-work way".

So, I just decided to use VirtualBox with Oracle's pre-built virtual appliance with Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition.

To use this, I use the steps below.

3. I added some specific ports, since I access it thru  NAT so whenever I am, it's easier for me just to hook up my virtual appliance and turn it on.

So you can issue these command in your terminal,

$> VBoxManage modifyvm "OTN Developer Days" --natpf1 "ssh,tcp,,2222,,22"
$> VBoxManage modifyvm "OTN Developer Days" --natpf1 "oracle,tcp,,8282,,8282"
$> VBoxManage modifyvm "OTN Developer Days" --natpf1 "oracle 2,tcp,,1521,,1521"
$> VBoxManage modifyvm "OTN Developer Days" --natpf1 "oracle em,tcp,,1158,,1158"

FYI: I use VirtualBox 4.1.4

The result screenshot above are the ports I have forwarded from my Guest VM Appliacne to my Host machine.

Hope this helps.