Monday, July 23, 2012

Richest man in the valley

You know, I got this story from my e-mail a very very long time ago and still, this is the most shortest and simplest story that I like most in my entire life.

Anyway, here it goes. [courtesy of]

Enjoy reading!!!

The Richest Man In The Valley

A rich landowner named Carl often rode around his vast estate so
he could congratulate himself on his great wealth.  One day
while riding around his estate on his favorite horse, he saw
Hans, an old tenant farmer.  Hans was sitting under a tree when
Carl rode by.  Hans said, "I was just thanking God for my food."

Carl protested, "If that is all I had to eat, I wouldn't feel
like giving thanks."

Hans replied, "God has given me everything I need, and I am
thankful for it."

The old farmer added, "It is strange you should come by today
because I had a dream last night.  In my dream a voice told me,
'The richest man in the valley will die tonight.'  I don't know
what it means, but I thought I ought to tell you."

Carl snorted, "Dreams are nonsense," and galloped away, but he
could not forget Hans' words: "The richest man in the valley
will die tonight."  He was obviously the richest man in the
valley, so he invited his doctor to his house that evening.
Carl told the doctor what Hans had said.  After a thorough
examination, the doctor told the wealthy landowner,

"Carl, you are as strong and healthy as a horse.  There is no
way you are going to die tonight."

Nevertheless, for assurance, the doctor stayed with Carl, and
they played cards through the night.  The doctor left the next
morning and Carl apologized for becoming so upset over the old
man's dream.  At about nine o'clock, a messenger arrived at
Carl's door.

"What is it?" Carl demanded.  The messenger explained,

"It's about old Hans.  He died last night in his sleep."

Hope you just like what I have shared.

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