Sunday, November 25, 2012

vim problems with ^M (caret M), due to file format incompatibility

The problem with ^M or caret M that you see in files during editing or modifying is that incompatibility with vim's default file format.

Usually, if I have a file edited or created in Mac OS X, and when its edited via Linux, I got ^M plus the lines are displayed as one line which is freaking hard to edit. To fix this, just do edit the file, then reload the file in vim,

:e ++ff=mac


:e ++ff=unix

if it was created in Unix. This will render with a great view editor of your file from what you expected it should be.

According to vim's Wiki,
unixLF only (each line ends with an LF character).
dosCRLF (each line ends with two characters, CR then LF).
macCR only (each line ends with a CR character).
CR is carriage return (return cursor to left margin), which is Ctrl-M or ^M or hex 0D

You can read for more info for file format in this page

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