Thursday, May 24, 2012

Explaining B-Trees: animated video

This video is not owned by me, I just screen casted it and put into video so you can do track by time compared to their flash base which is annoying when you wanted to back track.

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Using your calculator to validate logarithms with exponents and get result of logarithms

I just stumbled this earlier when I was playing with my calculator and I forgot how to use it, so I remember that logarithms is just a way of a reverse formula of exponents.

So I came up with this solution,

log2(8) = 3

in calculator,
press 8 + press x radical symbol(y) + press 3 = 2

log2(3) = 1.58496250072116

in calculator
press 3 + press x radical symbol(y) + 1.58496250072116 = 2

log4(16) = 4294967296
in calculator
press 4294967296 + press x radical symbol(y) + 16 = 4

So the formula is,

logbase(logarithm number) = result


result as the index then radical symbol(logarithm number as the radicand) = base


baseresult = logarithm number

Now to get the result of a logarithm in calculator, you can use natural logarithm. To calculate it,


ln(16)/ln(2) = 4

which is equivalent to,

log2(16) = 4

another ex.

ln(65536)/ln(4) = 7.99 = 8

which is equivalent to
log4(65536) = 8