Saturday, November 7, 2009

Skeleton Prank Riding on Bike and Taxicab - Very Funny

I really love this very funny prank video from Brazil. It's about frightening the people, wittingly, with those skeleton props using a remote device to obtain manipulation over the vehicles had been used for this video.

The first video, shows a skeleton--resembles like "Ghost Rider"--riding on a bike and yawping on those people walking alongside the cemetery. Watch it and, I bet no penny would be wasted on your time. It really scrumbles my stomach because of so much laughter. I can't imagine if I would be the victim, I might perhaps throw a heavy stuff I can grab on that Skeleton! LOL!!!! I put the translation on the first video below the video object.

Note: For the translation on the first video, I just relay on one of the comments where the skeleton
is saying, "Hey you, do you want a ride to hell muahahahaha, don't run I will get you one by one!",
and on the drunk or the hobo part, he said "hey you drunk let me take you to hell muahahahahaha"...
Really, hahahaha! Very funny!!!

The second video, is still the same, but on a different vehicle which is a taxicab.  Very funny prank!!! Watch them, and hope you'll enjoy!

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